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What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, one of the main active chemicals find in Cannabis.


So why everybody is talking about it?

Because CBD doesn’t get you “high”, but it brings to people a lot of benefits like medical marijuana.


And why is CBD legal?

Simply because CBD can be extracted from Industrial Hemp as well (part of the Cannabis Sativa Family). With CBD Map, you can find any kind of CBD products are near you and learn the many different ways to try it.

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Our Mission

CBD Map was created for anyone who is eager to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle. CBD Map made it safe and easy to access the true benefits of marijuana with legal CBD products.

It is for everybody who wants to learn about CBD and discover new ways to use cannabis for health and happiness.

And, it is for businesses who want to join a network of professionals and local retailers that support a thriving CBD and wellness community.

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